Step One in Learning Any Language

Step One in learning any language should be learning the alphabet, the sounds of the letters, and the writing system. Do not skip this step! You would be surprised how many people cannot read — even their own native tongue — simply because they never learned the alphabet and the sounds of the letters (phonics).

  1. No matter how silly it might feel, learning “the alphabet song” is the quickest way to learn any alphabet. My children and I learned the Greek alphabet in a couple of days using this method (we used the Greek alphabet song from Greek-n-Stuff). Now many years later, when looking up something in the Greek dictionary, I still catch myself reciting it.
  2. Learn the special symbols, their names, and their effect on the letter sounds, if any.
  3. Learn the sounds of the letters as well as the letter groupings (vowels, consonants, dentals, labials, etc.)
  4. Learn the punctuation.

Cover everything above in the first lesson, then review every so often for a few weeks afterward. Practice writing in the target language every day, in homework and on tests.

By the way, learning means memorizing. If you or your student cannot recall something from memory, then it hasn’t been completely learned.


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