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Learning Ancient Greek
  Greek Dialects:
Where to Start

... keep in mind that to the Greeks genre implied a dialect. If you wrote an epic, you used the Epic dialect, no matter your native dialect.

Classical and Hellenistic Greek Differences
A quick intro by Jay Treat
  Is Classical Education Dead?
Is anyone learning Greek anymore? An interview with Tracy Lee Simmons.
News in Ancient Greek
from Akropolis World News
Greek Grammar
on the Web

A Collection by Marc Huys
Perseus Digital Library
Greek and Latin resources from Tufts University
Free Greek and Latin books & forums

Grammars/Beginner's Books

Grammar Notes

Vocabulary Greek Readers

Free Greek Stuff
for Basics of Biblical Greek Summary.pdf
Laudator Temporis Acti
Praiser of Time Past. A blog by Michael Gilleland
Other Greek Links
Greek Bibles Online
Tools, Books, & Study Aids
  Blogs in Greek Dictionaries


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